OmniFSPd Version 1.0 Documentation

Disclaimer & Copyright

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IN OTHER WORDS:  You break it, you keep the pieces.


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In all cases, the distributed program must contain all program and help files, 
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What is OmniFSPd?

OmniFSPd is a high performance 32 bit FSP server designed specifically for 
the Win32 platform.  OmniFSPd requires a 486 or higher system running Windows 95 
or Windows NT.

Note:	OmniFSPd uses floating point calculations and will detect and compensate 
for Pentium processors with the floating point division flaw.

Known Problems and Current Issues

Name resolving and throughput control have not been implemented.  
I am still waiting for the illusive FSP draft to appear and as such, 
I dont know what privilege mode means so that has not been implemented.  
I also have no idea how the grab functions work.

The server has been tested with WINFSP and FSP4WIN and appears to work well 
with it.

Installing OmniFSPd

Unzip all the files to a directory.  Run the server to configure it.


  • Why does the server tell me it cant bind the socket? Check to make sure another program isnt using the same port. Also check to make sure another copy of OmniFSPd isnt already running.
  • How come some of the server options are grayed? These options have not been implemented yet.
  • Why isnt anything showing up when I try using a client? Check that the server path is set correctly. Make sure you are using back slashes \ as opposed to forward slashes /. Also check that the port is correctly in both the server and client. Restart the daemon after changing the settings for them to take effect. Contact the Author Bug reports, comments and suggestions are welcome. Email them to