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This is my humble collection of File Service Protocol (FSP) clients, servers, and info.

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I quit trying to better organize the site.

This was an attempt to rebuild the Windows FSP client / server archive.

The original archive was lost after a fire brought our site down.

Most of those files have been recovered and are now on this server.

!!! If you can see this site then you should probably archive it !!!

I still need your help with this project as FSP (File Service Protocol) software seems to have become either virtually extinct or outdated as of Windows 10.

If you have anything that isn't archived here and would like to share it with us, then please contact me.

This site also tries to list a few active (or at least simi-active) FSP sites.

I may be ripping through pages of old source code to compile a basic manual...
Until then, here's the old FAQs --- and the most recent FAQ.

!!! If you can see this site then you should probably archive it !!!

If you have usenet then alt.comp.fsp might prove to be a useful sorce of information and communication.

Google Groups is archiving most of the original Usenet articles pertaining to fsp. There's alot of good information to be found there if you don't care to search a little.

You can click the following link to access Google's archive of alt.comp.fsp via Google Groups.

Listing everything that I've been able to find so far.


FSP Client Software:

  • FreeFSP is a freeware FSP client (c) 1998 by Craig Woodward.
    Just to clarify, the program's author (and I) DO NOT take any responsibility for anything
    this product does or doesn't do. Some features work and some don't.
    The README.TXT file offers more information on the functionability.
    I have had satisfactory results on Win-XP and Win-7 (32 bit), Win-7 (64 bit) and Windows 10 (64 bit)..

    FreeFSP running on Windows 7 (32 bit)
    FreeFSP running on Windows 7.
    It runs on 32 and 64 bit Windows XP / 7 / 10 ...and is capable of resuming downloads.
    Download FreeFSP via FTP from
    ftp.sac.sk | Download from www.720k.net

  • WinFSP V1.2 (download) by I. Heath is a freeware FSP client that has been tested on 32 bit Windows 7.

    WinFSP 1.2 running on Windows 7 (32 bit)
    WinFSP V1.2 is capable of downloading only.
    It is described by it's author as a "Windows Sockets FSP Download Application".
    I think this client converts long filenames to an 8-3 format. (mypicture.jpg becomes mypictur.jpg).
    About WinFSP 1.2
    It is a very old program though.

  • FSP4WIN by Ben Youngdahl is another freeware FSP client for Windows.
    I have done limited testing with 32 bit Windows 7 and can connect to
    remote sites, but it doesn't seem connect to sites running on port 80.
    Tested on Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 bit)

    fsp4win running on Windows 7 (32 bit)
    FSP4WIN running on Windows 7 (32 bit).
    FSP4WIN does not run on 64 bit systems.
    This client is capable of uploading.
    Download FSP4WIN here (direct download link).

    FSP Server Software:

    Designed for Windows 95 but has been successfully tested to run on 32 bit Windows 7 and XP.
    OMNICRON FSPd Running on Windows 7 (32 bit)
    After a little tinkering I got OMNICRON FSPd
    (download) running on 32 bit Windows 7 and XP.
    It does not work on 64 bit systems. The trick is to set the program's properties to
    [Run in Windows 95 Mode] on Windows 7 or to [Run in NT 4 Mode] on Windows XP.
    I haven't managed to get it to accept uploads tho.
    I'm not able to connect to it with gFTP..? but the Windows cilents seem to connect just fine.
    Here's a html version of the HELP file... (yes that's all it includes)

  • FSPd:
    FSPd (download) is a ready to rock and roll FSP daemon for Win32s.
    You'll need to run it from the command line (or you can make a shortcut with proper commands).
    It's little more difficult to set up, but very dependable.
    FSPd running on Windows 7
    FSPd (download) running on a 32 bit Windows 7 computer.
    I tested FSPd_64 64 bit version (download) and it works with 64 bit Windows 10 and 64 bit Windows 7.

    FSPd is started from a console prompt, command line, shell command, or by a shortcut.

    Examples of starting fspd in a linux enviroment:
    fspd -d /path/to/your/files -p 21 -T /path/to/your/upload/directory -l /path/to/your/log/file
    fspd in.fspd -d /path/to/your/files -p 21 -T /path/to/your/upload/directory -l /path/to/your/log/file
    Examples of starting fspd in a Windows enviroment:
    fspd.exe -d /path/to/your/files -p 21 -T path/to/your/upload/directory -l path/to/your/log/file
    fspd.exe -d C:\path\to\your\files -p 21 -T C:\path\to\your\upload\directory -l C:\path\to\your\log\file
    fspd.exe -d C:\path\to\your\files -p 21 -T C:\path\to\your\upload\directory -l C:\path\to\your\log\file
    The arguments used to start FSPd are only slightly different over multiple operating systems.

    See the FSPd Man Page for more information.

    The above FSPd (fsp servers) for Windows (both 32 & 64 bit) appear to be hard coded to port 80.
    This Win32 build of FSPd (download) isn't hardcoded to port 80
    and will run on the port you specify.

    If you want a good quality user manual... seek out and read the very old source files.
    Reading the FSPd Man Page is a nice start.
    I plan to write a general Users Guide when / if I get the time.

    I located only a few other Windows binaries and placed them in the /downloads/windows/ directory.
    You will find 2 folders there. One folder contains clients and the other contains servers.
    All files are offered for free download and come AS-IS.
    Files may or may not work. Your mileage will vary.
    They all have their shortcomings and behave differently on various versions of Windows.

    I have found a couple of FSP (client) packages that should be compatable with FreeDOS, PC Dos, and MsDos.

  • pcfsp - Is probably going to be DOS specific.

  • ELinks - Is reported to work under MsDos and Windows systems.
    Although I haven't had a chance to test them, they are located here.
    You may also find MsDos / Windows ports at www.kompx.com/en/elinks.htm.


  • FreeBSD: https://www.freshports.org/net/fspd/


  • Linux users are probably going to "MAKE & INSTALL" their own servers.

  • The Ubuntu fsp library contains source and *some* binary install packages.
    You will need to know your system specs to get the correct package.
    I *rolled my own* Linux FSP server using the Sourceforge code.

  • I find that gFTP is a good Linux client for connecting to FSP. It has a nice GUI.
    I managed to install it through package manager, but your mileage may vary

  • I have also found ELinks good for browsing and downloading from FSP sites.


  • A python script used to host an FSP server primarily for Swiss on the Nintendo GameCube or Wii.


  • FSP is perfect for transfering large files across poor wireless connections,
    but I do not know of any File Service Protocol apps for Android at this time.
    Hopefully somebody will point me in the direction of one or more.

    Apple / Macintosh:

    I haven't tested these because I don't have access to a Mac.
    And they are rather dated...

  • MacFSP:
    The Macintosh FSP Client written by Jim Browne ~1994 (now both! 1.0b13 & 1.0b19 releases!!)
    along with a fsp server for Mac can be found here.

  • Hopefully somebody will point to or contribute fsp software for Apple / Macintosh platforms.
    I can either archive the software here or add a link to it.

  • The FSP Protocol Home Page at sourceforge.net
    Doesn't seem to be too Windows user friendly, but is the "official" FSP home page,
    and it contains a motherload of resources. (just read inside of the old code)

    Known FSP sites:
    This is an attempt to compile an actual (no-bull) list of working FSP sites.
    Remember that FSP was originally intended to be an underground society, based on security by obscurity.
    The fact that this site and the following list exists undermines what a lot of people want to use FSP for.
    For the above reasons this may never become a heavily populated list.

    As of Dec 01, 2021 the "up time" for the below FSP servers are based upon my ability to connect.

    The fsp hyperlinks work with most versions of Elinks

  • fsp://fsp.720k.net 21 (an alias pointing to www.720k.net:21)

  • www.720k.net 21 (verified online December 01, 2021) Write Protected Mode

    Got a FSP site to add to the list? Contact Me.
    I do check that email address for submissions, and
    I will be happy to put your FSP server on this list.

    I'm constantly updating this site.
    Don't see what your looking for? Check back in a few days.
    This little collection of FSP software has been growing at a nice rate.
    So far I have been able to add something to the site at least once a week.
    There's even FSP tools for Dos, OS2, and Mac in the downloads directory now.
    This may be the last site archiving all known (by me) FSP client / server software.
    I would greatly appreciate any additions to the archives.
    If you are running a FSP server (and want it listed) I would be happy to add it to the site list.
    Bought with cash. Powered by Open Source.

    * located and added link to a FreeBSD port. | December 01, 2021
    * file located and added on April 24, 2017. | * some spelling corrections and edits made on April 25, 2021.
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